Gonardiya is the Sanskrit term, which means “belonging to the people called gonardas”. Gonarda is a place where Patañjali is from. Probably he was born or lived in Gondarda. Patañjali is called “the man from Gonarda” I call him Gonardiya, so Gonardiya is Patañjali. I feel giving this name to the site is more appropriate as Patañjali given the most wonderful thing to the world. Even after so many years, his contribution is being used by many around the globe.

Also interesting to note the place Gondara  is the ancient name of Gonda – a district of Uttar Pradesh, about 50 km north of Ayodhya. Some hold the view that he was born at the “Gonarda” situated at Thiru Kona Malai, Sri Lanka. This tradition is corroborated in Tirumular’s seventh-century Tamil Tirumandhiram, which describes him as hailing from Then Kailasam (Koneswaram temple, Trincomalee), and tradition has him visiting the Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram, where he wrote the Charana Shrungarahita Stotram on Nataraja.

Wherever he is born, I feel his contribution to the world is one of the greatest contributions.



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