G.O.N.A.R.D.I.Y.A — what’s all about?

I write this blog on the day February 2nd 2014, that my goal is to connect ALL GOOD people in the universe. I will write minimum of one blog or about one person in the world who I believe is a good person and I let that person know as much as possible  so that they have the opportunity to connect with other good people.

I am going to ignore bad things and bad people because I have no time to write about them or think about them. I will connect all the good people in such a way, this will make all the bad people to change themselves and become good people.

Let me see how much I succeed.  I will also try to group them into countries and area of their involvement, so that someone who is looking for someone else to connect in a country or in an area of expertise they can find them.

These are the quotes that I want to share:

“Good people don’t need laws to tell them act responsibly…” – Plato

“Keep  surrounding yourself with good people and not-so-good people will automatically walk away from your life as they feel out of place” — Rajesh Setty.


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